Vitamin B1 as Treatment for Friedrich’s Ataxia

“Thiamine (vitamin B1) is a cofactor of fundamental enzymes of cell energetic metabolism; its deficiency causes disorders affecting both the peripheral and central nervous system. Previous studies reported low thiamine levels in cerebrospinal fluid and pyruvate dehydrogenase dysfunction in Friedreich ataxia (FRDA).”

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Message from someone with Muscular Dystrophy

I got this email from a person who ran across my website About Muscular Dystrophy asking me to post it and I am happy to do it because the message is a good one. No matter the difficulties we face, we must keep trying and pray. That is a good message for anyone whether they have MD or not. I am posting it exactly as I received it and I hope this young lady gets encouragement from people and I pray God Blesses her.

Hi my name is Hanna swilley and I’m from pearl,ms I have limb gertile.muscular dystrophy I’m 27 years old and I have been having alot of problems getting up back pain falling dropping things I have 2 amazing kids my son is 5 his name is braydyn and I have a 3 year old daughter her name is raelyn I hurt so any days but I fight to get up each morning for my kids that’s the only reason I don’t give up i have and will fight each day to still walk and do things for my kids there r certain things I can’t do with them and they ask why?but they r to young to understand. ..but to all that is fighting muscular dystrophy like me please don’t give up and don’t stop praying…..

Porch Blessing

Recently my wife was talking to one of our local preachers Seven Gibson and mentioned that I couldn’t get out the back door. She told him we had a back deck with a ramp and it was covered but the back door was hard to get through in my chair. He immediately called another local Sheldon Livesay who is the director at Of One Accord Ministry and told him. Every year their are mission groups who come in and do projects for people who submit an application at Of One Accord or Jubilee Project. I didn’t think I would be able to get any work done as it was late in the process but I got a call from someone and they came here to fill out the application (first blessing). I thought that would be where it ended but I was sitting here and my wife mentioned we had not heard anything on a Friday, I said it was in God’s hands and all we could do was wait. Got another call Saturday telling me they were stopping by Sunday with a group that had come in to see what we needed (second blessing). When they came by, we thought they may just add to the deck, our plan after that was to put a door in the kitchen so I would be able to get out of the house. After they looked at it, we were informed they would add 8 feet to the deck (third blessing), put an overhang on it (fourth blessing) and put in a 36 inch door (fifth blessing).

They showed up Monday to start and it was finished Friday. Exactly one week from my wife asking me about it and it was done. The group who came was from Macedonia Baptist Church in Newnan GA. The group who was here were some of the most likeable people I have ever met. We would have been happy with any amount of help and never expected that much but when God Blesses you it is bigger than you can imagine. What they did for me was a big blessing and the help they give people who need it makes me want to get involved and help in some way. Since I can’t do the physical part I will donate to their program. If you want to help too send the checks to: Macedonia Baptist Church 1504 Macedonia Rd., Newnan GA 30263 and put Summer Mission Trip in the memo section. Personally I intend to send a check every month, I doubt if it will cover what they have done for me anytime soon but maybe it will help someone else who needs it.

On Thursday while they were here working, UPS delivered a large box. When I opened it there was a big screen monitor in it from a group I helped with their website, RattleBox a Blues Band out of Detroit, I know some of them and love their music. They mentioned they were going to send me a gift but I never expected anything like that (sixth blessing). I ordered a wall mount and my son in law put it up for me.


I will be adding more information and pictures soon.

The New Remedies – Additional Cell Salts

We previously covered the original 12 Cell Salts. Here are some newer ones. Lower potencies are probably best.

13) Aurum Mur. (Chloride of Gold) – Gold is found in the brain, glands, and bones, for our purposes, the Chloride is most likely best. Used for morbid mental conditions (depression, bad thoughts, hopelessness etc.), sclerosis, female troubles, uterine tumors, some forms of paralysis, also has some value in some cases of high blood pressure, also indicated for people who produce growths of various kinds. May be indicated as an antidote to an Alluminum allergy.

14) Argentum Nit. (Nitrate of Silver) – Silver acts on the spinal cord and motor nerves. A powerful remedy for disorders associated with the motor nerves and for paralysis. When motor nerves are badly affected, Arg. Nit. is probably the most dependable remedy. Use 6X potency and up. It is also an antidote for Mercury poisioning.

15) Antimonium Tart. (Tartrate of Antimony) – Has a profound action on the respiratory organs and mucous membranes.  Given soon enough it may abort an Asthma attack, is excellent for bronchitis, colds, coughs, and nasal catarrh (stuffed up nose).

16) Baryta Carb. (Carbonate of Baryta) – Found in the blood and tissues. Helpful to backward and scrofulous children (Scrofulous: 1. Literally, relating to scrofula (tuberculosis (or TB like bacteria) of the lymph nodes, particularly of the neck). 2. Figuratively, morally contaminated and corrupt.). Mainly used in the treatment of enlarged and septic tonsils, quinsy (:  an abscess in the tissue around a tonsil usually resulting from bacterial infection and often accompanied by pain and fever ), and throat inferctions generally.  Helpful in paralysis, senile decay, and cysts. Makes it a good remedy for the elderly and may be taken in alternation with any indicated remedy.

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Cell Salts for MD

I have taken cell salts in the past with pretty good results. I always have a tendency to stop and try something else because I get impatient.

A few days ago I started feeling that I needed to revisit cell salts again. There are 12 original cell salts which are listed and described on my website here. Each different cell salt does certain things and there are some Homeopaths and others that treat almost everything with cell salts.

Since I don’t know exactly what I need I ordered Bioplasma which is all 12 cell salts mixed together. I have been taking it for about 3 days now. A few years ago I was taking it and one day stands out in my mind, I was sitting at my computer and kept thinking something was strange but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. After awhile I realized what it was, for the first time that I could remember “Nothing Hurt”!

Recently I have been having problems with my feet swelling to the point where they hurt and look like they are about to split open, I would take water pills which would really run me to the bathroom with an urgent need to urinate and an inability to hold it. The swelling would be down some after having my feet up in bed for the night but it would come back after getting up and I would have to start the process all over again. The other problem that had gotten worse was pain in my right shoulder, I have had it for many years but it had always went away now and then and flare back up. In about the past year it has been constant and never went away to the point where I couldn’t use my right arm without substantial pain.

As I said I started taking Bioplasma about 3 day ago so it is a little soon to expect much. What I have noticed so far is 1) While my feet are still swollen, they get a little better each day. I do have to urinate frequently but it isn’t urgent to the point where I can’t hold it. 2) I still have some pain in my shoulder but it isn’t as bad (the pain doesn’t wake me up and I can at least lay on my right side some).

Those are the two main things I have been looking at. Yesterday I had a sore spot in my back on the left side just above my waist, still there today but not as painful. Will have to see how that goes. I will also add to this as anything changes.

Colon Cleanse

From my reading I learned that the junk in your colon is a breeding ground for almost everything.
In my case I have had problems with my feet swelling which could indicate several things, I don’t drink as much water as I should (if you don’t drink enough water your body hangs onto it because it doesn’t know when it will get more), it’s also possible that my kidney’s aren’t working as well as they should.

The first step in my trial is a colon cleanse. There are other steps but the idea is to get the colon cleaned out first so when you do the other organs the toxins and other junk can be removed from the body. If the colon isn’t getting rid of it, those toxins back up and I believe you will get even sicker if you try to do the other things first.

I don’t have it yet but I have ordered Intestinal Corrective Formula # 1 and # 2 from When it comes I will see how it goes and if I feel better.

Formula #1 came on May 8 2014. Took 1 pill with dinner. Had a better stool than usual on the 9th. Feet don’t feel as swollen and was urinating frequently.

The bottle said to add another pill each day till you get the results you wanted. I stayed with 1 pill at dinner since I was going. On the 11th Had a stool in the evening, then again about 4am on the 12th, neither was as good as on the 9th. On the 12th had a very loose stool.

The Formula #2 came on the 12th. It is different as far as ingredients and what it is supposed to do. The instructions say to take 10 pills 5 times a day with 16oz of water, that seems like it may be pretty drastic so I intend to move a little slower and do it for longer.


Co-Q10 and nutrition

I was searching for information about Co-Q10 and Muscular Dystrophy and ran across this page. It has information about what may cause the disease and states that it can be improved with vitamins and nutrition. It makes sense to me and I feel it is worth testing out so it will be my next personal trial.

You can check out the article here

About Muscular Dystrophy

Let me make it perfectly clear that I am neither a doctor or any other type of health care professional. My only knowledge comes from the fact that I have a form of MD called Friedrich’s Ataxia. I have spent some time looking for information and possible treatments which I will share with anyone here.

Post a question or a suggestion for people to try, help spread whatever you have leaened.

God Bless