New song from The Gibsons

Just got the new CD from The Gibsons titled Living On Our Knees. Track 10 is Living On Our Knees and when I heard it I thought to myself “Now there is the answer”. The song spoke to me with a very powerful message, so I called Mike and asked if I could share it with people and he said I could so here it is.

When I saw the CD cover, a thought popped in my head, I had a visual of the American flag. What do you think?

Living On Our Knees CD Cover

Living On Our Knees CD Cover

One thought on “New song from The Gibsons

  1. Im honored that God would let me write any song. But this song has such a powerful message calling all Christians to seek God in prayer. “If my people shall humble themselves and pray..”
    I truly hope this song is a blessing to everyone who hears it.
    Mike Gibson
    The Gibson

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