Highway To Hell

It occurred to me today that we all have two options. We can do the things that our society promotes ie. Support gay marriage, promote abortion or any other number of things and we will be on the bus traveling down The Highway To Hell. the other option is a little more difficult to do based on society. Support The Bible and all it says, accept Jesus as your personal Savior and stand up for Biblical principles and climb The Stairway to Heaven.

I have decided to take option two because eternity is much longer than I will be on this earth.

The Snake

I was out digging some plants out of the yard and got to one that was quite large, normally I would not have tried it since I’m in a wheelchair but I started on it and it just wasn’t working. I had been working on it for awhile when I saw a snake near me and it just didn’t feel right, I tried to hit it with the shovel and it struck at the shovel then it went away.
Now the point here is “I don’t like snakes (never did) and if there is a snake around I stay away from it. After I ran the snake off I went back to working on the plant which I got out in short order.
My wife just looked at me in disbelief when she saw it. We talked about it later and she said no one had attempted that plant because it was so large and had been planted there for so long.
Now I believe that “The Enemy” will try to stop us from doing things whenever possible but when you face it and keep working at it you just might get a hand from God. I believe there was no way I could do on my own what I was trying to do. There was an attempt to stop me. I faced the opposition and went right back to what I felt I was led to do and while it still was not easy it didn’t take long.
Now some people might say that was just a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe there is a reason for everything that happens. Could it be that snake was under the bush and one of the grandkids may have been out there and got bitten? I’m lazy by nature and it was not a normal thing for me to get into a job like that but something prompted me to do it. How was it that I was able to do it when anyone who knows me would have said it wasn’t possible? I have learned over the years to listen and follow that prompting we all feel from time to time. I believe that is God talking to us and I for one want Him to keep talking to me so I will always try to listen.

God Bless You

Tax Exempt

We considered applying for tax exempt status but as we discussed it we came to the consensus that if we ask the government for tax exempt status then they in turn have some say so about what we say. With all that has come about recently I don’t want anything to do with any entity that would interfere with free speech.

So we decided to keep our freedom of speech.