The snake

I was out digging some plants out of the yard and got to one that was quite large, normally I would not have tried it since I’m in a wheelchair but I started on it and it just wasn’t working. I had been working on it for awhile when I saw a snake near me and it just didn’t feel right, I tried to hit it with the shovel and it struck at the shovel then it went away.
Now the point here is “I don’t like snakes (never did) and if there is a snake around I stay away from it. After I ran the snake off I went back to working on the plant which I got out in short order.
My wife just looked at me in disbelief when she saw it. We talked about it later and she said no one had attempted that plant because it was so large and had been planted there for so long.
Now I believe that “The Enemy” will try to stop us from doing things whenever possible but when you face it and keep working at it you just might get a hand from God. I believe there was no way I could do on my own what I was trying to do. There was an attempt to stop me. I faced the opposition and went right back to what I felt I was led to do and while it still was not easy it didn’t take long.
Now some people might say that was just a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe there is a reason for everything that happens. Could it be that snake was under the bush and one of the grandkids may have been out there and got bitten? I’m lazy by nature and it was not a normal thing for me to get into a job like that but something prompted me to do it. How was it that I was able to do it when anyone who knows me would have said it wasn’t possible? I have learned over the years to listen and follow that prompting we all feel from time to time. I believe that is God talking to us and I for one want Him to keep talking to me so I will always try to listen.

God Bless You

Porch Blessing

Recently my wife was talking to one of our local preachers Seven Gibson and mentioned that I couldn’t get out the back door. She told him we had a back deck with a ramp and it was covered but the back door was hard to get through in my chair. He immediately called another local Sheldon Livesay who is the director at Of One Accord Ministry and told him. Every year their are mission groups who come in and do projects for people who submit an application at Of One Accord or Jubilee Project. I didn’t think I would be able to get any work done as it was late in the process but I got a call from someone and they came here to fill out the application (first blessing). I thought that would be where it ended but I was sitting here and my wife mentioned we had not heard anything on a Friday, I said it was in God’s hands and all we could do was wait. Got another call Saturday telling me they were stopping by Sunday with a group that had come in to see what we needed (second blessing). When they came by, we thought they may just add to the deck, our plan after that was to put a door in the kitchen so I would be able to get out of the house. After they looked at it, we were informed they would add 8 feet to the deck (third blessing), put an overhang on it (fourth blessing) and put in a 36 inch door (fifth blessing).

They showed up Monday to start and it was finished Friday. Exactly one week from my wife asking me about it and it was done. The group who came was from Macedonia Baptist Church in Newnan GA. The group who was here were some of the most likeable people I have ever met. We would have been happy with any amount of help and never expected that much but when God Blesses you it is bigger than you can imagine. What they did for me was a big blessing and the help they give people who need it makes me want to get involved and help in some way. Since I can’t do the physical part I will donate to their program. If you want to help too send the checks to: Macedonia Baptist Church 1504 Macedonia Rd., Newnan GA 30263 and put Summer Mission Trip in the memo section. Personally I intend to send a check every month, I doubt if it will cover what they have done for me anytime soon but maybe it will help someone else who needs it.

On Thursday while they were here working, UPS delivered a large box. When I opened it there was a big screen monitor in it from a group I helped with their website, RattleBox a Blues Band out of Detroit, I know some of them and love their music. They mentioned they were going to send me a gift but I never expected anything like that (sixth blessing). I ordered a wall mount and my son in law put it up for me.


I will be adding more information and pictures soon.