No More Chains From The Partons

I just got a new CD from The Partons that I love listening to. The title of the CD is “No More Chains”. One of my favorite tracks is No More Chains. I cut a different section (a little longer) to post here

I would urge you to visit The Partons website, listen to some of the clips from their CD’s and if you like the music support them by buying some of their music

Time to stop being the silent majority

I think back of the freedoms given to “We the people” and the religious freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and it really weighs on my mind when I see where we as a country are and where it looks like we are going. I see articles and hear about cities, states and the federal government filing law suits against Churches, to stop their free expression of their faith.

I hope Church’s and the members wake up and stand up in time. When any government agency tries to limit the expression of faith in any way for one Church. That Church along with all the members of that Church plus every other Church and Christian in the area should be protesting and making their voice heard. Christians as a group need to stand up, speak out and let the government, courts, newspapers etc. know that we will no longer be quiet and let them run over us!