2012 DNC

I can’t help mentioning the DNC leaving out the reference to God and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Those 2 things are probably the most important things that should have been in the platform. If I was a Democrat I would find it impossible to support them when they don’t support God and Israel. Making it even worse was when they were putting it back in it sounded to me like about half of them were saying Boo to it and didn’t want it. May God Bless the USA and raise up a leader who loves both God and Israel.

Heal Our Land Ministries

I started reading this website and did it ever hit me. Since about 1965 churches started getting incorporated with 501C3 status. Why? Is it necessary? According to The Constitution and even the dreaded IRS, Churches are automatically tax exempt and do not need the 501C3 status.
Check out the website hushmoney.org and see if it makes you as suspicious of our Government as it did me.
I was watching a Christian show recently and caught a lady talking which touched on the 501c3 question and information about the Constitution. I was impressed. Check out KrisAnne Hall website.